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PHAR0002533 Botika, bituka, butiki : a century of the UP College of Pharmacy (1911-2011) College of Pharmacy
PHAR0002532 QH 332 M35 2010 Fundamental concepts, principles and issues in bioethics Manlangit, Jerry Reb. College of Pharmacy
PHAR0002531 QH 332 M35 2010 Fundamental concepts, principles and issues in bioethics Manlangit, Jerry Reb. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000711 LG993.5 2011 P5 G3 The use of traditional and integrative medicine among adult out-patients in a tertiary government hospital Galang, Erika Loren P. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000705 LG993.5 2011 P5 /A2 Analysis of the antimicrobial activities of Curcuma longa L. (Fam. Zingiberaceae) and Capsicum frutescens L. (Fam. Solanaceae) Abano, April Zoe C. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000704 LG993.5 2011 P5 /B38 Societal perspectives on the medication counseling rule of community pharmacists in Manila Bautista, Bea Katrina F. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000703 LG993.5 2011 P5 /B5 Perceptions of pharmacy students in Metro Manila towards their preparedness to provide pharmaceutical care Binos, Richard Simon R. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000702 LG993.5 2011 P5 /D4 Perceptions on the roles of hospital pharmacists in the Philippine General Hospital De Luna, Scarlette B. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000701 LG993.5 2011 P5 D45 Interaction between Ipomoea batatas L. (Fam. Convolvulaceae) leaf extract and metformin and its anti-diabetic activity De Luna, Willison John E. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000700 LG993.5 2011 P5 B75 Effect of Allium sativum L. (Fam. Alliaceae) extract on the hypolipidemic activity of Atorvastatin on rats Brizuela, Karen Mae M. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000698 LG993.5 2011 P5 /C83 Antibacterial and antifungal screening and characterization of the crude flesh extracts of Corbicula species Cudia, Kristoffer Edmund A. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-T000117 LG995 2011 P4 Q59 In vitro equivalence testing of immediate-release tablets using a model-independent mathematical approach Quizon, Paul Marvin T. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8554 R733 S96 2013 Complementary and alternative medicine for health professionals : a holistic approach to consumer health Synovitz, Linda Baily. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8553 RM300 R36 2012 Rang & Dale's pharmacology College of Pharmacy
Ph-8552 RC55 M4 2011 The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy College of Pharmacy
Ph-8551 RT81.5 M86 2012 Munro's statistical methods for health care research Plichta, Stacey Beth College of Pharmacy
Ph-8550 RM 262 A65 2013 Koda-Kimble and Youngs applied therapeutics : the clinical use of drugs. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8549 RM262 J64 2013 Critical care pharmacotherapeutics College of Pharmacy
Ph-8548 R850 J33 2012 Introduction to health research methods : a practical guide Jacobsen, Kathryn H. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8547 R 852 B77 2012 Publishing and presenting clinical research Browner, Warren S. College of Pharmacy
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