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Ph-8498 RS101 P43 2011 Pharmacy education : what matters in learning and teaching College of Pharmacy
Ph-8499 RM302.5 C63 2012 Cobert's manual of drug safety and pharmacovigilance Cobert, Barton L. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8501 RM301.14 P47 2012 Pharmacology College of Pharmacy
Ph-8502 QP514.2 C48 2011 Biochemistry Harvey, Richard A. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8503 RS403 M37 2011 Martin's physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences : physical chemical and biopharmaceutical principles in the pharmaceutical sciences. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8504 T211 G76 2010 Patents for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology : fundamentals of global law, practice, and strategy Grubb, Philip W. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8542 RS403 M3 2013 Basic physical pharmacy Ma, Joseph K. H. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8545 RM 300 A36 2013 Pharmacology for health professionals Acosta, W. Renee. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8546 R850 B54 2013 Introduction to research and medical literature for health professionals College of Pharmacy
Ph-8547 R 852 B77 2012 Publishing and presenting clinical research Browner, Warren S. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8548 R850 J33 2012 Introduction to health research methods : a practical guide Jacobsen, Kathryn H. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8549 RM262 J64 2013 Critical care pharmacotherapeutics College of Pharmacy
Ph-8550 RM 262 A65 2013 Koda-Kimble and Youngs applied therapeutics : the clinical use of drugs. College of Pharmacy
Ph-8551 RT81.5 M86 2012 Munro's statistical methods for health care research Plichta, Stacey Beth College of Pharmacy
Ph-8552 RC55 M4 2011 The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy College of Pharmacy
Ph-8553 RM300 R36 2012 Rang & Dale's pharmacology College of Pharmacy
Ph-8554 R733 S96 2013 Complementary and alternative medicine for health professionals : a holistic approach to consumer health Synovitz, Linda Baily. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-T000117 LG995 2011 P4 Q59 In vitro equivalence testing of immediate-release tablets using a model-independent mathematical approach Quizon, Paul Marvin T. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000698 LG993.5 2011 P5 /C83 Antibacterial and antifungal screening and characterization of the crude flesh extracts of Corbicula species Cudia, Kristoffer Edmund A. College of Pharmacy
PHAR-U000700 LG993.5 2011 P5 B75 Effect of Allium sativum L. (Fam. Alliaceae) extract on the hypolipidemic activity of Atorvastatin on rats Brizuela, Karen Mae M. College of Pharmacy
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